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BP. Ruffled Floral Print Jumpsuit and a Moment of Honesty

Alison Ryan4 Comments
BP. Ruffled Floral Print Jumpsuit and a Moment of Honesty

Today I want to encourage you today to be true to yourself and to be your authentic self. You are loved and you matter, just as you are!

Time for a moment of honesty…

The other day I was feeling so discouraged and began asking myself what I was doing wrong. While I’m not usually like that, I realize there are times where it’s hard to not compare yourself to others and to think “why don’t I have what they have. Why am I not moving forward? What am I doing wrong? Maybe this dream of mine was suppose to stay a dream and not become a reality.”

Michael was being so sweet and was encouraging me to keep doing what I’m doing and everything will fall into place but let’s be honest, hearing that doesn’t always change the way you feel.

That same night I was having those thoughts, frustrations and moments of self doubt, there were two instances through my mintedmod Instagram account that really spoke to me. One was where someone left me a comment on one of my pictures and gave me words of encouragement that only God knew I needed to hear and the other was where I was able to be a listening ear and an encouragement to someone else.

It was as if God was saying “my hand is still in this; remember your reasons ‘why’ and your heart.”

His timing is always perfect.

Part of the reason I decided to start this dream and passion of mine is because connecting with others is important to me; to encourage and to be there for others as well as to help others feel beautiful (and of course to give outfit inspiration!).

The internet and social media can be really scary and very dark but it also can be something beautiful, powerful and a great tool if we choose to make it that.

Miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do to your fears.
— Richard Wilkins
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What is something that you have been struggling with lately?
How can I be an encouragement to you right now?

Jumpsuit: I’d say it’s true to size. I am wearing a size small but probably could have done a medium if I wanted a little looser fit. Very lightweight and breathable fabric.
Bralette: I’m wearing a size small.
Hat: Is old (got it from Urban Outfitters). Here’s some similar ones here and here
Shoes: I’m normally an 8.5-9 and I went with an 8.5 in these so I would consider sizing down half a size or if you are in between go with the smaller size.