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What's For Dinner Vol. I

Alison Ryan18 Comments
What's For Dinner Vol. I

Food is definitely a love language of mine. 
It is the way to my heart. ;)


Good food, healthy food, savory food, "bad" for you food... I love all food. Yet, it can be so difficult deciding on what I want to eat at times. I know I'm not alone in this so I'm going to share with you a few things I made last week. We are actually still eating them this week. It's easier to make big batches so that I get multiple meals out of it, rather than having to cook every night, because well, #momlife. 

1. One Pan Balsamic Chicken & Veggies

I have made this multiple times and while I wouldn't say I ever crave it nor is it one my favorites, but it is perfect for busy days since it has simple ingredients, steps and only involves one pan.  

The next three recipes were my first time making them.

2. Chicken Yakisoba

I thought it would be a good idea to double the recipe rather than to do something else with the other half of the cabbage. *face palm* Thankfully it tasted good but there was so much prep work and I made a huge mess of my kitchen and so.many.dirty.dishes trying to cook a huge amount of food in my standard size pots. 

3. Gnocchi With Pomodoro Sauce

This was another fairly easy recipe, especially since all the herbs you throw into the pan, stem and all, opposed to chopping them. My anti onion husband said this one was not really his favorite because "of the onions". Normally I chop them up so small (aka mush) that he can't even tell but apparently I didn't do a good enough job that night. I bet if I added sausage next time it would disguise the onions. My husband is also anti cauliflower, says it tastes like dirt, BUT guess who used cauliflower gnocchi in this and guess who didn't even know... Ha. That's a win in my book!  

4. Greek Quinoa Bowls

I love recipes like this in the summer time. Light, crisp, full of veggies and it doesn't heat up the house when making it. I have made so many different variations of greek quinoa so I knew I would really enjoy this particular recipe but I really liked how she suggested adding avocado. It was a game changer! 


What are you eating this week? Do you have any favorite recipes you'd like to share? Or any new ones that ended up being a winner? I'm always looking to try new ones!