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Lash Lift

Alison RyanComment
Lash Lift
Eyes are the windows to the soul, and lashes are the perfect pair of curtains

I went on my instagram stories the other week talking about the lash lift I had done. I wanted to make a blog post about it, just in case you missed it, or that way you can refer back to this at a later time if need be. There is so much information to be shared that I couldn’t get into on my stories.

Firstly, many years ago I got the eyelash extensions done and kept up with it for well over a year. I would like to share some of my own personal pros and cons between the two.

Lash Extensions:


  • You wake up looking like Bambi.

  • Long, thick, dramatic, luscious eyelashes.

  • No Mascara is needed.

  • You can wear minimal makeup because the lash extensions make you look “done-up” without really having to do anything.


  • If you have sensitivities the glue used can be an issue. I typically don’t have sensitivities but sometimes the glue would still cause me to want to itch my eye.

  • Depending on which brand/glue you may not be able to get them wet for 48 hours.

  • The time that it takes to get them done may be a deterring factor.

  • The cost of them is significantly higher - when seeing a reliable lash technician a full set is usually around $250 and refills range from $40-$80.

  • They require more maintenance - brushing them multiple times a day to make sure they don’t get all tangled, when removing makeup you have to be gentle. It’s ideal to go in every 2-3 weeks and you shouldn’t go any longer than 3-4 weeks between lash refills.

  • If you don’t take care of them properly and you don’t go to an educated technician it can cause damage or eyelash loss.

  • Putting on eyeliner can be tricky.

  • Finding a good lash artist can be difficult.

Lash Lift:


  • Doesn’t take as long.

  • Accentuates your natural lashes; it’s more of a natural beauty.

  • Way less maintenance.

  • Helps “open” up your eye and makes you look more awake.


  • It is a chemical going on your eyelashes

  • Not as dramatic.

  • Putting on eyeliner can be tricky.

  • When wearing heavier/dramatic eye makeup you will still need to wear mascara.

  • For special events (like weddings, galas, etc) wearing fake eyelash strips won’t really work because of how strong of a curl the eyelashes are.

  • If you are wanting a more dramatic look you’ll need to use a lash growing serum.

The Process:

The lash technician chooses a rod size or a silicon shield (this depends on who you see and what their preferences are) that they think will be best for your eyelashes and what you are wanting to achieve. The rod size will be what determines how much and what kind of curl will be the end result.
The next step is the most crucial, your lashes are then glued to the rod. Making sure the rod is at the base of your eyelashes they are then combed onto the rod, taking care that they are laying perfectly in place and not missing a single one.

The perm solution that is applied softens and breaks down the bond of your hair so that it is moldable and can take the shape of the rod that is being used. How long the perm solution stays on for is determined by how well your lashes respond, so if your hair tends to be resistant when you curl it let the lash technician know that!

The lashes are then wiped clean and the setting solution is then applied. The setting solution locks in the shape by reconstructing the bond and hardening the eyelashes again. This doesn’t stay on near as long as the perm solution.

At this point you can opt for a lash tint, where your eyelashes are tinted darker to add more depth. I highly recommend doing this if you are wanting to not wear mascara or are going on a vacation and want simplicity. If you are going to be wearing mascara then this may not be a necessary step for you. However, one thing you may need to know is that the tint may only last for roughly 3-4 weeks.

It takes roughly 45-60 minutes to have it done (I utilized that time and had it done while I was being dermaplaning (This will be a whole other blog post) and then followed by an oxy facial (promotes skin metabolism and circulation to the surface) and a lactic acid (mild chemical peel) and the lash lift last about 5-8 weeks. As your lashes naturally shed, the new ones that grow in will be a lot straighter.

All that being said, would I get them again? Yes. However, for special events I enjoy the dramatic look of wearing lash strips so I would try to plan it accordingly to what I have going on in the future.
Would I recommend others to have it done? Definitely. However, if you are a huge lover of your eyelash extensions this may not be for you.